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So happy you are here, thank you!

So what's this site all about? Well, it's simple really. Life as a wife, mother of three, photographer, photography mentor and business + health coach is a beautiful, beautiful mess! You may be thinking 'girl, narrow down your niche, focus on one thing' -- a creative + health coach? Oh, trust me- I tried really hard for two years to do just that! But here's the truth, I am absolutely incapable of having one without the other!  It's true! I've had years where I have focused only on my passions in the creative realm- Photography, graphic design, business & all things creative- my happy zones where I have most knowledge, talent & confidence.  Meanwhile- my pants get tighter and tighter and my confidence slowly and surly starts to dwindle until the introvert in me starts to take over and before I know it dark depression creeps in like a thief in the night. I feel like I'm failing as a wife, mom, daughter of God & friend.

One thing I know for sure is that balance (whatever that looks like to you individually) yields joy and contentment. Having a Photography + Coaching business keeps my personal + business aspirations balanced - which fills my cup and overflows to my family as well. I feel so blessed that everything I focus on in my work benefits & blesses my family & others.

Here you'll see what I offer in my business avenues as well see the transparency of my daily life nurturing my mind, body and spirit- creatively, spiritually & physically. It's the slow and steady, fast & crazy, ugly & beautifully balanced day to day we call, life! It's not always easy but transcribing my daily life keeps me accountable and is an opportunity to pay it forward to other moms & female entrepreneurs.

I hope you can stay awhile and browse the blog for inspiration on photography, business, health, fitness, personal growth, family, learning + fun for kids & faith.

My hope is that one day I'll get the chance to work with you as your photographer, health & fitness coach, business mentor, graphic designer, affiliate or sponsor in the near future.

Friends Forever,