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I love love LOVE working with females who are ready to grow, cultivate & thrive in life and business! I’ve developed workshops & mentorship programs that will take you to where you want to go. You have my promise.


NO. 1

Health & Wellness Coaching


You've heard the saying, "Take care of your body, it's the only one you'll ever get" well, it's easier said than done. Take it from someone who's yoyo dieted her whole life, been obsessed with counting calories- both consumed and burned and has hit up most of the fad diets only to continue the cycle over and over again. Not anymore! This workshop will help you put a stop to all of the things that have been working against you! You'll have access to a balanced nutrition plan (that works for all auto-immune diseases), daily exercise plan that can be done at home or in the gym & a life-time coach (that's me) to keep you accountable every step of the way. These 30 days will change your life. I'll even back that up with a100% money back Guarantee! That's how much I believe in this Body & Mind Workshop!


NO. 2

Life & Purpose Coaching

The SOUL STUDY™ workshop

Does something not feel quite right? Do you feel like you're in a fog or you can't clear the clutter to discover what it is that you're meant to do, who you're meant to be, right now- in this season? Have you been hurt, confused, feeling alone? Is everything around you perfect, but you feel a void, an emptiness- within? What's holding you back from your divine potential? What is it that your heart is telling you?

This amazing workshop WILL change your life! It will get you through anything life throws your way in a fraction of the time you'd normally process through setbacks. You'll pick this up often throughout life- it's the investment that keeps on giving! You'll come through it each time with unshakable focus & undoubting purpose. You'll go through a series of steps of evaluation, work through your fears, set goals with intention & become the BEST YOU.

NO. 3

Business & Brand Coaching


Do you have a business idea you are dying to get off the ground? Or are you tired of chasing your tail, working so hard- only to barely pull a profit? This agency will get you're business ready to launch or rejuvenate growth in your tired business plan. Our team of experts are committed to understand your vision to develop your brand (logo), marketing & content pieces (digital design) & implement growth strategies.