Comfort Zones

Comfort Zones

Sometimes I feel like such a hypocrite as I mother my children. While preparing dinner last night I was having a conversation with my kids about how we can't grow unless we are willing to do things outside of our comfort zone. They started naming everything they wont ever do cuz 'it's embarrassing'! I got a little heated and a bit angry while trying to drill the concept in their heads that they can do ANYTHING if they just try- that they are extraordinary! And then I proceeded to 'passionately preach' how our comfort zone limits us from doing what our Heavenly Father sent us here to do. It kinda sounded like spewed words and I'm sure went right over their heads. You know- those times you just get carried away in your OWN thought process and actually everything you think you are teaching your kids your actually telling yourself. Then sweet Boston in all her sass challenged me with the question, "mom, why are you getting angry?" Ugh! I stewed about it all night. And Honestly I was angry all night! I believe anger comes from fear, fear comes from a lack of faith, lack of faith makes us feel fake or hypocritical and feeling fake brings guilt.

.... So I'm processing this cuz I'm fabulous at overthinking!

As mothers we encourage our children to step outside of their comfort zones, to try new things, be brave and courageous. We teach them that they don't have to be perfect or the best to be significant. We just ask them to be willing to accept opportunities for growth. And while doing, give it everything they have. We teach them that growth takes time, progress comes through consistency & that it doesn't matter what everyone else thinks. 

We think we learn this all as a child... But as adults I think comfort zones really bite us in the rear and leave us stagnant in our growth.

Any mothers feel me?