A Hole For A Foundation

A Hole For A Foundation

While we have been in building prep mode for months now, it's time to take this dream into action! We broke ground on our home today!

I'm so excited, we all are! It's pretty surreal we are at this season in life, much earlier than we actually had planned. So many thought swirling around in this head of mine. I'm trying not to get too overwhelmed or anxious about what's to come while keeping my emotions at bay with what has already taken place. God is surely guiding are movements right now. I completely takes my breath away when I think about it. 

We have had this piece of property, a 2 acre lot nestled in the back corner of a beautiful subdivision in the country, for 10 years now. Even longer than we owned our previous home. We bought the property with a plan to build our 'forever home' when our kids were all out of elementary school, at least. That way they wouldn't have to change schools and really we were comfortable right where we were at on the opposite side of the town. Our Heavenly Father lead us there too. Back in 2006, when a better career opportunity came up for Stace transferring him to a center 30 minutes away we knew we'd be making our way closer at some point in time. Logan was just coming up on his 1st birthday and we had a friend stop by who happened to be a realtor. He asked what our plans were and when we'd sell our home. We told him it might be in the plans sooner than we thought. That night he called asking if he could show our home to a family who just wants to see what kind of house they can get for the price range they are looking to stay in. We of course obliged and that night... we got an offer on our home we couldn't turn down! Since it was a cash deal the closing was going to be quick and they asked if we could be out in 3 weeks and we were. 

We moved north and rented an apartment until we figured out a game plan. I remember that time was so hard for me. I had just quit my job to be a stay at home mom a couple months prior to selling our home and with everything happening so fast, seasons of life changing so rapidly, I don't think I mentally was prepared! I just remember feeling lost. 

We soon found a spec home that was almost done in a perfect subdivision out countryside. I got to pick out light fixtures but that's pretty much it and that was okay because I loved the home so much. 

We moved in just after Logan turned 1. And this 2 acre lot on the other side of town wasn't going anywhere.

Fast forward 9 years. Two more kids and a sellers market, we put this lot up for sale. We were good where we were at. We had received many opportunities to sell throughout previous years but held tight to our dreams. However, we became emotionally unattached because of our tendency to enjoy comfort. Getting stuck in comfort zones are definitely our weakness. We aren't risk takers by any means! So the lot was listed for 9 months and... no interest! I just couldn't understand at the time, I was actually angry about it!

Funny how God works in mysterious ways. Our home sold much like our last home! Out of the blue we had a friend, a different realtor, ask if we'd be interested in selling because a family is looking to buy in the neighborhood. We got a great offer and we still almost didn't take it! We were scared to move forward and try new things. But we both felt the gentle push to be brave and we both knew our next step was to build our home on the lot we hadn't sold, for a reason. The for sell sign went down on the property that day and we packed up our home of 9 years in 2 weeks, yes- another cash buyer, and moved to a cute little yellow rental. By the way it was much more stressful than that last sentence implies. ;) 

No one can believe how we have sold our 2 homes... but I truly believe the Lord knows he just has to give us a little forceful push into a new direction so we end up going where we need to go in life.

It has felt rocky and bumpy at times since November 2014, but the path is there, we can see it the light guiding our way. So with every hiccup I turn my faith to the Lord and say, take the wheel! 

So today marks the official start, day No. 1

It's a little surreal driving out here and seeing this actually happening. I'm like a giddy child.  Here goes!