the day of...

This morning I got a lovely surprise from my valentine!.... he has the day off! :) He actually had to go get a physical for work-- but that is the only work related thing he'll be doing all day today! YEA! And he told me that around 3:00 he is taking me to Chiz's! Oh yum! Plus he took my new SUV (that I have had for two weeks now) to get a pretty washin' job- which is very much needed... I'll take pictures of the beauty when he gets back with her ;) So I have high hopes for today. It's funny that it is through simple things that really make a difference after you've been married for a while. (or maybe I have trained myself not to expect much anymore!)But- even the "Happy Valentines Day" that he whispered in my ear this morning in bed melted me. I am a simple girl...don't need dozen's of roses that wilt and die, don't need a big box of chocolates or a lovely gift... I just need love! We all need love. (secretly- I know that my car probably will serve as birthday-anniversary-valentines-christmas.... you name it- for the next 5 years of my life!)

I'm glad I found my one true love. Even though love is difficult sometimes ;)... I love you Stace- my valentine.

EDIT: We didn't end up going to Chiz's this V-Day because we got there and discovered that it didn't open back up until was 3:30. We didn't want to kill the time because we had Stacey's parents watching the kids and wanted to get back so they could enjoy a dinner together. So we ended up going to Applebees-- which I totally love anyways! We had a great time together--other than the fact that it was FREEZING inside...I hate that. But it's just amazing how a simple dinner alone can bring back all those little butterflies in your stomach... all too often the events of every day keep me from paying attention to them I'm afraid. Thanks Sweetheart-- I love you.