20 years ago . . . 1988
1. I was in first grade at Lincoln Elementary. A shy little girl---but boy crazy by 3rd grade...crushing on Matt Mortensen!

2. I had every color of corduroy pants… pink, purple you name it & the best place to school shop was Lamonts. Oh and I got a pair of LA Gears for Christmas and I felt so cool. Stretch pant came into style as well… we always had the cutest hippest wardrobe…thanks to my Mom who knew that it was important to us & Dad for working so hard to support us girls!
3. I had a perm & feathered bangs.
4. I never knew it at the time but I would soon be sporting braces and a headgear!

10 years ago . . . 1998
1. I was a confident junior at Madison High School… loving every minute of it.
2. I wasn’t shy or insecure… flirting was second nature.
3. I was driving an old white Oldsmobile Cutlass (which had belonged to my Grandma) and desperately wanted a new cool car! I did end up getting a 1998 Red Chevy Cavalier which at the time (2000) was rockin’!
4. I spent a lot of time fighting with my mom & older sister…. They are my best friends now.

5 years ago . . .2003
1. Had been graduated from BYU-I for one year & celebrating our 1 year wedding anniversary.
2. We were living in Idaho Falls where we had bought our first new home when we got married.
3. Serving as the Young Women Secretary in our ward.
4. Working for Wells Fargo in the Wholesale Department & taking classes to graduate with my Medical Trascription Certificate.

3 years ago . . . 2005
1. We had our first child…a boy!
2. 7 months later I was able to quit my job at Wells Fargo because Stacey got his promotion at UPS & transferred to the Rexburg Center.
3. 2 months after that we sold our home in Idaho Falls & moved to an apartment in Rexburg until our house (which was a speck) was finished.

1 year ago . . . 2007
1. I was pregnant with our baby girl… child #2!
2. I was getting my photography business started.
3. I was enjoying the one-on-one time I had left with my son.

So far this year I . . . 2008
1. Have started designing Digital Scrapbook kits.
2. Potty trained my toddler.
3. Met some great new friends—all because of blogging.

Yesterday I . . .
1. Didn’t get ready… no makeup... pulled my hair in a ponytail.
2. Had my baby attached to my hip because she would cry if I set her down.
3. Wiped noses, gave medicine, cleaned spit-up off my shirt, cleaned house a bit, never put shoes on, played trucks & play doe with my son.

Today . . .
1. Took a nap when the kids did because I was having a bad morning—felt like a failure & that I don’t make a difference and cried myself to sleep.
2. Woke up refreshed and ready to conquer the day. Made peanut butter cookies with my kids playing in the kitchen sink.
3. Played with my kids and my camera.

Tomorrow. . .
1. I have a photography session.
2. I will proof pictures & check blogs.
3. Make Valentines with my kids for their Daddy.
4. Mail a thank you card to my Grandparents.

This year I will . . .
1. Loose my baby weight.
2. Further establish my photography & design businesses.
3. Be grateful for what I have and remember I DO MATTER!

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