cuddles & "good things"...

So a few of you ask... How do you still manage to blog when you and your daughter are so sick?

Here's the answer: It's my only moment of solace! It's I time when I can actually stop & think, reflect, & contemplate the events of the day. Some people will snatch up a little cat nap whenever possible, but I'm totally not that person. Stacey thinks I've lost it when I am so tired and warn out and still I don't want to nap during the days. If I lay down I can't close my eyes cuz I think better with them open and even if I try to clothes them and relax I think of something else to open them up again... so I get frustrated with the process and figure it's not worth trying. That and the fact that it seems like I barely lay down and the kiddo's are up!

Last night I tried so hard to get Boston down for bed. She would fall sound to sleep in my arms and the moment I would lay her in her crib she would start screaming. grrr. I really was trying to be patinet but I was reaching my witz end! After several unsuccessful attempts I decided I'd just hold her! There wasn't anything to watch on TV so I resorted to the internet. She cuddled into my chest so perfectly that it made it quite enjoyable! Logan was never a cuddler so I take whatever I can get from Boston! well...until I am way beyond tired and my exhaustion gets the better part of me and I just get frustrated.
Here are a couple of "good things" I found...thought I'd share...

Kaboost Portable Chair Boosters ▪ Snaps-on chair in seconds▪ Engineered to improve chair stability▪ Holds up to 300 lbs.▪ Stays attached even when chair is moved... pretty good idea!And you all remember Trista & Ryan from The Bachelorette...right? Awe they are such a darn cute couple!

Trista has a line of diaper bags out that are so cute!

thats all for now!