So sick...

I have had a fever of 100.4 today and my body aches so so bad not to mention my throat hurts, my right ear hurts, & my nose won't quite running- thus its so raw! This morning at 5 o'clock I was aching so bad that I couldn't sleep & had to take a bath. It felt so wonderful too! So all day I have had a heat warmer wrapped around my legs. I am so grateful that Boston has really been an angel the last two days and has taken good naps. Logan understands when Mommy isn't feeling well and he just sat with me while we watched 101 Dalmatians (his new favorite movie). Such a sweet heart. He got a little restless later tonight and wanted to play hard, thank goodness for Daddy's! But-- I started a Z-Pak today so hopefully I'll be feeling well soon!

Anyways- I had to make a quick post to tell you all that I really really appreciate all the fun comments you all left & the wonderful birthday wishes! I broke a record with 21 comments! Sweet. Now I only wish that the lurkers & all you "friends" whom never comment, would! K I feel like I'm starting to beg, but the point is it makes blogging a lot more fun to know people are actually there to enjoy it.

Well I just took my last two sips of Apple Cider so I am going to bed now! I think the kiddos are down for the night...well at least until 4 or so.... Boston did sleep through the night last night again...too bad I didn't sleep well. Thanks again everyone! You made my day... oh which by the wasn't too eventful or out of the norm, so you can see why your comments made me happy!