It's my birthday... Happy Birthday to ME!

Okay so I'm usually not one to flaunt my fact I really quite dislike the extra attention! I've always been a little shy. Okay a lot shy when I was young...I used to hide under the kitchen table or anywhere else that was close when someone, anyone, would come over to our home! he he...I've grown out of that a little since then! But thank you for the birthday wishes everyone. I have been flooded with lots of calls, e-mails, cards & gifts...I really appreciate you thinking of me nice!
So today is my 26th birthday. It's funny cuz it usually never fails that someone always asks, "Do you feel older today?" I always laugh and say "no! nothings changed!" BUT today I can honestly answer that question with a huge "OH YES!". I feel like I am about 90 years old. I ache from head to toe, feel a cold coming on, and have a pounding headache. Plus I took my temp and I came in at a whoppin' 101.4 degrees...ugggg!

So call me crazy--I know you will. But even though I feel like crap, I couldn't help but put a little freebie together. (Thats how much I love doing what I do!) I knew it wouldn't leave my brain until I pounded it out. I am still dying to put a whole kit together that goes along with it, but that'll have to wait! Download it here. Enjoy!