Sick of being SICK!

When it rains is pours! Between the lack of sleep with a newborn and the lack of sleep with a sick toddler, and myself being sick as well....well I am just exhausted! Logan & I both have had the cough, earache, & sore throat virus. Which I thought we kicked a couple of days ago…mine still feels like it is lingering. But Saturday night Logan started throwing up and continued all throughout the night (every 20-40 minutes) and into Sunday. Now he has that mixed with diarrhea! I have bathed him twice today and changed his diaper about a million times! His “teddy” has been washed 7 times in the last 48 hours, all the couch cushion covers have been washed, and I hope that I have cleaned all the messes off the carpet. The only thing I smell is Resolve and Febreze! Then this afternoon Boston threw up her whole feeding. I am not sure if she is also getting sick but it sure wasn’t the normal spit-up. She has been sleeping a lot as well, which is pretty normal, but she hasn’t woken up really irritated because she is hungry, she’s actually quite pleasant. Usually she is a bear when she wakes up…very impatient when it comes to eating! So I think I am going to go crazy just worrying about my kids! I hope we get a break soon…a healthy family is all I ask!