Another Tag...DUMP IT!

I was tagged by Holly...
Brace yourself this is kind of scary!

I tag... Dani, Ashley, Shelly, Tiff, Abby, & Camille

okay okay... so this is what I left out!
I'm glad it's junk free again... for a day at least!

I have 14 layouts to do before midnight tommorrow if I am going to successfully complete the 31 in 31 challenge...think I could do it? I'm not too confident that it will would mean a super late night tonight! but here's #16 & #17...
Boston in her little tutu I made...She's such a doll!

Logan loves to draw & color at his desk from GrandPA & MA Warnke. Oh and by the way the DARLING black & white diamond frame on this layout and the black and white poka dot frame above (purse trash) was designed by super talented ASHLEY and she is offering them as her first freebie!-- So click on her name and head on over to it Ash!