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I was tagged by Annalee, Shelly & Brooke... but a twist... it's all about Stacey... ahhh how fun!

What is his name? Stacey Robert
How long have you been married? 6 years this March!
Who long did you date? This one is kind of hard. We dated for a few weeks my first year of college, but I broke it off because I really liked him but knew he was probably looking for a wife…since he was 27 years old! I wanted to play the field a little. We reunited a year and some months later and he took me out on a date in October of 2001…we were engaged December 2001 & married March 2002. I knew the second time around that I couldn’t live without him and I never dated anyone after that 2nd first date in October!
How old is he? 33
How old are you? Will be 26 in eight days!
Who eats more sweets? We both gotta have them!...but he can eat a little bite size candy bar or a cookie and be satisfied…me on the other had have a constant devil on my shoulder telling me I’ve gotta have more. Evil thing.
Who said I love you first? He did…and it felt like I had to wait forever to hear it!!! (but there was NO way I was going to say it first for this very reason—I wanted to be able to tell everyone that HE said it first!) He finally did after a long time of telling me “I really really really like you!” …one night he got the nerve up to say “I really really really… pause… LOVE you!” I still remember the exact place & moment like it was yesterday… I really really really LOVE you too sweetie!
Who is taller? Oh of course he is! I stand at 5’3 ½… 5’4 on a good day and he is 6’0.
Who can sing better? That would be me. My sisters and I have always been able to carry a tune… got that from Mom! Stacey sings pretty well when he “listens” but when he isn’t paying attention he is really off key! He loves music though and always has to have a “good CD” on hand!
Who is smarter? Stacey is book smart. He can memorize anything… he even remembers license plates, phone numbers, addresses (makes for a great UPS man!)… after only seeing them once. I asked him for my sister’s address in Victor so I didn’t have to look it up and he knew it off the top of his head! I don’t know why he isn’t a doctor… oh yeah I do… he only can stand cutting open, & touching blood & guts of animals….sorry that was kind of graphic. I on the other hand am smarter at technical stuff (even though I’m not that smart!)… Stacey never had a computer in his home growing up so I think that makes a difference. I can’t turn my thinking cap off… I’m always thinking about things that I can learn and do… he on the other hand can take a break from thinking and relax!
Who does the laundry? Ha…I do! I am a SAHM… that’s what SAHM do… that’s my JOB!! I’ve heard that more than once! I guess he’s right… but sometimes it would be nice to have a little help! Oh who am I kidding… I can handle it on my own… even if he did it I know I would be frustrated with the “way” that he did! I would want to do it all over again. I am the same way in the kitchen… I like it done MY way! But to his defense when I was working he did help out a lot with the laundry… he would take the loads down to the laundry room, start a load, move it to the dryer and start another then when I got home from work I would fold and move the next load to the dryer and fold that… I really appreciated his help.
Who does the dishes? Me again… I have gotten after him… PLEASE, AT LEAST PUT YOUR DISHES IN THE SINK!!! I can’t stand when they are on the counter tops when I am trying to clean dinner up… really gets to me. He obeys!
Who pays the bills? Me, and I really hate it… so depressing to see hard working money just disappear… life… I remember when all I had was a cell phone bill and it was so fun to get every month… not fun anymore!
His guilty pleasure? I think hunting… he would totally disagree! That and UFC.
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? He always has! It started when we first got married and our bedroom door was located on the wall to the right of the bed… he wanted to be the closest to the door incase someone were to break in or something… how sweet… my very own body guard! It worked out well for me because the bathroom door was closest to my side of the bed! In our home now it’s the same way… sweet!
Who mows the lawn? Oh him… I thought it might be pushed to me when we moved to this house, but lucky for me it wasn’t since Stacey loves mowing with the riding mower. He used to be so picky about it in our last house, I think that’s cuz he had more time to spare…but it always looks nice and sometimes he goes back across it the opposite way just to make it look cool!
Besides you, who is his best friend? I think I’d say his hunting buddy, Tyler… at least that’s who he spends most of his “fun man time” with. I don’t mind either because I luv his wife to pieces!
Who cooks dinner? I do most of the time. He always is the one to put a Sunday roast or turkey in the crock pot and occasionally he’ll make a mean breakfast on the weekend… but on a regular basis it’s me!
Who drives? HIM! I think it’s so funny to see the woman driving and the man riding… once in a great while though he is already in the passengers seat when I get out to the car and that totally bugs me… I’m not a happy camper and lecture him on how stupid it is for a woman to drive a man! He uses the excuse that he drives all day and needs a break… which I totally understand but it takes the fun out of rides for me!
Who is more stubborn? Ha ME… on just daily things… I guess he probably takes the cake on an “only child” stubbornness scale! I need to learn to chill! He’s seriously laid back until I become unbearable to deal with… bless his heart for putting up with me!
Who kissed who first? He kissed me… and it didn’t take him long the first go around!!! The second go around (a year later) it still didn’t take him long… the 2nd first date… but he said “would it be okay if I kissed you?” oh how cute… “of course” I replied! And oooh it was a good sweet little kiss! He kissed me like he loved me… not like he just wanted some action! ;)
Who asked who out first? He did… he pretty much initiated the whole dating scene… I was young and dumb.
What was your first date? Well the very first date was going to get a blizzard at Dairy Queen…then we went for a ride around town and talked… so fun! But the second first date (again, a year later) we went to the Haunted Mill, and-- oh. my. gosh that’s all I can remember at the moment… I’ll get crap for that. Journal… were’s my journal? I need a refresh!! (that’s how swept off my feet I was Hun!)
Who proposed? Like I would propose! Ha… I’m way too stubborn just like the “I love you”! It was kind of mean if you ask me… he thought it was cleaver! He had his buddy that’s a police officer pull us over and the reason being that there was a warrant out for Stacey’s arrest because he had unpaid speeding tickets… *note: he had told me a while earlier that he had never had a speeding ticket…so you could imagine my surprise and frustration with him that he lied to me!* My heart was pounding as glared at him like… boy you have some explaining to do! He told me that I needed to take his pickup home and tell him parents… that meant waking them up because it was like 11:30 at night. I was so mad. Then he asked me to get out of the pickup for a minute that he needed to talk to me… I was like you can talk to me in here, I don’t need to get out! But he pretty much dragged me to the front of his pickup… I thought he was crazy by this time! He then pulled out my ring and got down on one knee… the question… and of course a great big YES!!!... as every nerve in my body was about to collapse… then the officer had a dozen roses and congratulated us and was on his way. I punched Stacey in the arm when we got inside the pickup!... and had to ask, “so was all that a big joke… about the ticket and all?!” DUH!
Who has more siblings? He has 4 half siblings… I have 3 sisters whom I totally love to pieces!
Who wears the pants? Sometimes I have them on and sometimes he has them on…depends on the circumstance!
What is your favorite thing about him? Oh gosh, were do I start? I guess to narrow it down… I love that he challenges me to reach my goals, to “prove” to him that I can. I guess for some people this would offend them, but for me it shows me that he has faith in me and if he knows that I can accomplish my many, sometimes off the wall, goals and dreams…and I have his support, then I know I can as well. He reminds me when it gets tough why I started in the first place… he motivates me to become who I want to become.

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