Today has been a great day...besides the fact that I didn't get the much needed cleaning done and the load of laundry folded that is ummm...still in the dryer! Oh well...tomorrow is just a few hours away! :)
reason why...counting down from five...
#5. DANISH WEDDING COOKIES....da da da da.....ARE BACK ON THE SHELVES!!! :) I just read this on my sister Shannon's blog...I could really just run through my house SCCCCRRREEEEAAAMMMIIIINNGGGG....or hop in the car and head to Wal-Mart...although our Walmart probably doesn't have them...it never has ANYTHING I need...TG for Idaho Falls near by!

#4. BON APPETIT! My new recipe blog. Contributors are My sisters & Mom! You'll have to go check it out...dinner's on us tonight :) Also, if I see a yummy recipe on your blog, I just might snatch it up...I'll give you credits though! :)

#3. I'm getting a new SUV...goodbye......Hello...something 4 wheel drive!! :)

#2. I had so much fun with my kids today...other than a few tantrums from Logan. But Boston was in a great mood and Logan really loves to play, sing, & cuddle with her and it just melts my heart...I hope they are best friends forever. I have the BEST new pictures from this past week of the two of them that I am dying to scrap....and will hopefully be showing more LO's for the 31 in 31 challenge...yeah! :) I am determined to complete this challenge with an A+...good thing the challenge wasn't 31 AMAZING layouts in 31 days! I'd get an E for Effort!
Oh and I'll throw in on this one that I booked a fun PS w/ a newborn this Saturday, & one for Senior portraits next Friday! This month is turning out to be a great month even though I thought things would be slowing down quite a bit after the Christmas rush...I'm excited!

#1. I am so so so thrilled about the response I have gotten from the CK Designs Sugar & Spice Kit Freebie. Since I posted the link I've had 101 downloads & 30+ comments! I have received so many kit ideas including: construction, boys kit (w/ sail boats, firetrucks & stripes), flying birds & swirls, quotes, military (camo & flags), boy scouts, cheer leading, cruise, a Sugar & Spice "Boy" kit, police officer & wedding. I am so ready to start designing and can't wait to send another freebie your way...hopefully the next one will knock your socks off! I just really really appreciate all of the comments, and want you who commented to know that you really motivate me to keep reaching for my goals & continuing this passion of mine. I truly thank you for supporting me. A special thanks goes out to Annalee...she posted an adorable layout she made with the kit on her blog...Thanks, You are the best!