Hello HELLO! It's been a while...

...I am totally feeling guilty for not getting any posts out lately... especially after my last one, sorry it was kind of dismal. But hey my kids are cute anyway! :)
So a recap on the week...let see...I can't even remember yesterday let alone a whole week...see this is why I try to blog often!
Monday...oh New Years Eve! Stacey & I watched the ball drop in Las Vegas!...only it was on TV... ya from the comfort of our very own couch! I am disappointed to say that we didn't make it till 12...eleven was the best we could do! The night was sure full of FUN...let me tell ya! We ran errands all day and Stacey ended up buying "Barnyard" for Logan. He was SO excited to watch it...& absolutely loved it...we have watched it a million times since! When we finally got him to bed after the movie it was 10:30. We stayed up and cuddled till 11 but that was the extent of our New Years EVE!!! YEAH for 2008!

So my resolution is still a little shoddy, but I thought if I didn't get a rough draft out there I wouldn't think it was TIME TO BEGIN!!! TOMORROW EXERCISE, DIET, & POTTY TRAINING!!!...thanks for the challenges 2008!
I have to say though the best resolution I have heard is from my friend Shelly's blog "do more, be more, do better, be better" .... isn't that just perfect?

I'm not sure what I did New Years Day...other than laundry! But Stacey sure had a great day...
I am soooo glad duck season ends in a couple of weeks!

On the 2nd I took Stacey's niece's bridal pictures...she was such a trooper. We went up to the gardens and it was freezing cold plus we had to trudge through 2 feet of snow in most places. I think they turned out beautiful though with all the snow...thanks Jordie...you are such a beautiful Bride!

Friday we were able to attend the Temple Sealing and it was absolutely wonderful to spend the morning in the Temple. Thanks Mom for watching our kids! After, Stacey & I went to Sizzlers to enjoy a lunch together without any chaos! So nice to have those times to be together & actually being able to enjoy a meal & have adult conversation while at the same time knowing that we don't even have to worry about the safety or happiness of our kids. *Grandma's are angels!*
Later that evening we went out to dinner, again, with some friends of ours who invited us. This time with Boston...Logan had went to the reception early with Grandma & Grandpa Keele. Good thing I was eating light because she wasn't easy! (She's had an attitude lately!) We really enjoy the company of our friends though, we have so much in common & could talk for days! After dinner we went over to the reception to hang out with family. We had such a fun time! We were able to talk to family that we really haven't seen for about 2 years now, nor talked to... very rewarding. I am sure glad we went. Logan had a blast as well... I wish I had my camera with me cuz he totally befriend this little girl, probably around his age, & I have no idea who she belonged to; but he wouldn't let go of her hand for anything! She wasn't minding though!...So cute.

Saturday I enjoyed the day sewing pillow cases for my couches. I am trying to make a living room transformation on a budget! We'll see how it turns out! I am going for light & vitalizing....pictures to come so keep posted!