Christmas Happenings...

On Sunday, December 23 we had our Warnke Family Christmas Party. We had such a great time. We began the evening around 4:00 with a delicious Prime Rib & Shrimp dinner with cream potatoes, mandarin poppy seed salad (my favorite!), & mini éclairs ordered from the collage. After we all made ourselves sick by eating too much we cleaned up dinner…well let me rephrase that—the women cleaned up dinner, while the men all went downstairs to shoot some games of pool. After we had things cleaned up we gathered everyone around the Christmas tree and started our Christmas exchange. Our lil’ family had Jason, Adi, Bridger, & Danielle. We had so much fun shopping for them!

Then of course we get Dad & Mom a gift…which doesn’t even come close to what they do for use. They are so very generous and selfless. My Mom has always done most of the Christmas shopping but every year, regardless of what has already been purchased for us we find a crisp $100 bill in the bottom of our stockings. You would think this would end once we got married…but it still continues…even for the hubby’s). This is a special gift from “Dad”. They are seriously the most amazing parents in the world. They taught us the importance of hard work, while at the same time giving so much to us...but I most cherish their unconditional love. It’s never hard to have a great time while surrounded by family. My three sisters and Mom & Dad are all so amazing. I gotta say that my Dad never ceases to totally amaze me & make me so proud to call him "Dad"...on Christmas Eve, around 5 o'clock p.m. he got a call from one of his snowmobile buddies. They had been snowmobiling that day and 3 of the guy's brothers were lost somewhere in the mountains...and asked if my Dad could come help look for them. To make a long story short they did find all 3 guys safe, but not until 5 o'clock on Christmas morning...that alone is a huge act of love. But when he got home, since it had been a blizzard all night, he plowed all of the neighbors driveways and didn't even make it inside until 9 o'clock... now that is giving that truly gives back & is recognized in Heaven. I really hope & pray that Stacey & I can be the the kind of examples to our children that my parents are to us.

Since I don't have specific pictures of what the kids got from Grandpa & Grandma W. I'll quickly name them for the record: Boston received some darling little outfits (one featured in last post that I absolutely adore!), a Hippopotamus Chair (I haven’t spelt that in a LONG time… thanks spell checker!), TJ Bearytales Bear & books to go with it; Logan received a Little Tikes art desk supplied with crayons, finger paint, coloring book, sketch pad, play doh, some moon sand stuff (which by the way is very messy…thanks Mom ;) ), some cute clothes, and a truck set that he opened first and just about ripped Grandpa’s arm off to get him to open it all up… we had to force him to open the rest of his gifts!

I didn't even get my camera out until the gifts were opened and then I was focused on the kids...thanks Dani for sending me some pics...but I am so sad that in not one of the pics is my awesome sister must have been playin away with the kids while we were cheezin' it away! Sorry least there are lots of your adorable kiddos! :)

TA vacuum! and a big surprise...a CHI *the sweetest flat iron around :)... thanks again M&D...I love you tons

On Christmas Eve Stacey's parents brought pizza over and their gifts for the kids. They had given Stacey and I a generous check about a week ago to get what we wanted or needed. (Thanks so much you two.) The kids really enjoyed their gifts...even Boston, she loves toys right now!

And Christmas morning we woke up to see Santa had been to our home. We had a meeting with "Santa" and talked about how right now, since the kids are happy with very little & don't have a specific list that they will be expecting, that we'd just like to focus on what they need...he strayed a little from those instructions...but Santa didn't bring too many toys for doh, a Doctor Set, books, CLOTHES APPAREL(which he really needed) & a hunting video game (which Stacey & I have enjoyed ;)...I never thought I could like hunting until now, it's actually pretty fun!). Boston got her first little dolly, some clothes, toys, a book, & some cute & comfy socks. Stacey & I both got a few pieces of clothing from each other, oh I mean "SANTA".

WOW-- glad I got that done. So I've been busy busy getting my house back together...taking down Christmas decor and I don't know what it is about after Christmas, but I get into this "gotta clean out & organize EVERYTHING" mood. So far I have deep cleaned the basement, & dusted all the little "oops forgot and ahh nobody sees it" places (I'm probably the only one who has those places!), and went through Boston's clothes & toted the NB & most of 0-3 mo. clothes & organized everything, and cleaned up & organized my computer desk & cupboards. I LOVE ORDER! I have been a clean freak this past week too...when something gets messy or out of place I haven't once put if off...I've been waking up every morning to a clean house (for like 5 minutes...) but it feels good.

I am soooo ready for the new year...2008 holds a lot of new goals for me I can feel it! I've been brainstorming my New Years Resolution...I've got a few good things that will hit the list this year for sure! Oh and I WILL accomplish them all this time!