Fruit Tortilla- Gluten Free!

Fruit Tortilla- Gluten Free!

I love eating! Especially scrumptious calorie packed sweet goodness recipes and spending hours baking in the kitchen... probably all too often! However, I think it's about time I start listening to my body and realizing the damage I'm causing it by not eating healthy foods 90% of the time. See, I'm the type that can live on breads, pastas, sweets etc. and eat very little nutrients throughout the day. Just snack on junk. It's terrible. For the past couple of months I have been cutting out a large percentage of Gluten out of my diet, only consuming small amounts daily! I know that I'm not totally allergic, but I have become aware that I have a certain level of intolerance to it. It's a bit of an awkward subject to discuss... hahahaha... the logistics of a human body! But, to keep light on the matter I'll just jump right to our solution... BEANO! If I splurge and have anything with wheat and even fruits and vegetables, Beano to the rescue!!

Naturally, a "healthier" cooking lifestyle has come out of this and it quite possibly has become a bit of a daily challenge! Or rather, an obsession- to create yummy things with healthy (tummy & physique friendly) foods!

This concoction came from a sweet craving morning! I am a lover of breakfast and usually stick with my egg omelet and rice cake ... but there are just some mornings when I'm drawn right to the cookies and if I don't have an interception, well, the other team (the  junk food lovin' devil on my shoulder) wins the game!

Are you ready for this? The most delicious 'coconut, cinnamon, a tiny bit of sugar, chewy, fruity, protein packed'... breakfast i've EVER had!!

basic "healthy" ingredients:

Breakfast Fruit Tortilla

Recipe Type




True Atelier

Prep time:

2 mins

Cook time:

2 mins

Total time:

4 mins



Protein Packed & Gluten Free!


  • 1 corn tortilla

  • cinnamon + sugar

  • greek yogurt

  • cottage cheese

  • fruit

  • coconut oil


  1. Apply a thin spread of coconut oil on both sides of the corn tortilla and sprinkle with a light amount of cinnamon and sugar.

  2. Place prepped tortilla in a heated frying pan. Medium-low heat.

  3. Lightly brown both sides of tortilla then remove from frying pan.

  4. After the tortilla cools to comfortably hold it, place it in the palm of a hand and and bend shell, continue holding it.

  5. Add the remaining ingredients! Or create your own!

  6. Enjoy!