Hudson Turns Two | A Bug Adventure Party

Hudson Turns Two | A Bug Adventure Party

If you follow me, Chantri, on Instagram (@chantrikeele) you know that I've been busy at work planning my "buggies" two year birthday party! I'm not exactly sure how or why Hudson was given the nickname "buggie"-- but it has stuck! Of course, with me being non-traditional and all, I couldn't stick with a normal birthday themes! I thought it was only appropriate to have a 'BUG' THEMED birthday party... while he still doesn't have much of an opinion on it! So, It had to be buggy, but it had to have style as well! Most of you know that I am a HUGE fan of WHITE, CREAM, TAN & BLACK. I'd practically live in a all white house if someone could come in and spray it all that way! So since those are not the typical party colors, I thought, why not have the majority of the details white, cream, tan & black, with pops of color from the food? And that is where the silhouette idea came in! From there it turned into a BUG ADVENTURE PARTY! The kids were sent on a bug scavenger hunt around the yard. There were 9 bugs total, each with a treasure in a bag or a box beneath the bug. Being that there were sixteen children, ranging from 7 months to 8 years old, it was quite the adventure!

We sent invitations to Hudson's cousins, nana & papa and best friends!

The day of the party arrived, the kids were excited to found their name on a messenger bag which had their T's and folded inside. Each one was couldn't wait to put on their shirts! Here are all the cute bugs...

Refreshments were:

Chocolate Marshmallow Coconut Cream Cheese Mini Cupcakes

Chocolate Raspberry Cream Cheese Mini Cupcakes

Fruit Kabobs

Sugar Cookies decorated with Royal Frosting

Pudding Dirt Cups

Apple Juice- Juice boxes

One of the activities were to decorate a ladybug or bumble bee bug jar. Purchased HERE.

Messenger bags were purchased HERE

Bug Stencils I purchased HERE and Screen Kit purchased HERE

For the bug hunt I wanted the bugs to match the t's and messenger bags so I stenciled the bugs, yet again, on foam board that I had cut into 6X6 squares. (yes, I got great use out of those stencils!)

To make the girls shirts just a bit more feminine-- polka dot ribbon was used to tie up the sleeves!

The collection of plastic bugs I purchased HERE and magnifying glasses I purchased HERE.

And when the party was over, Bubblegum Clothes-Pin Butterflies were the party favors! Tutorial to make these coming soon!

All in all 'Buggie' had a fantastic birthday party and was surrounded by the most amazing people in his life. Thanks to everyone who make the day so special.