the brown santa...

There is a gloom around our household starting about mid-way through December. It’s so hard to keep the Christmas cheer when Stacey is gone most days before the kids get up and gets home long after the kids go to bed. I can take it until about now! He hasn’t been getting home until 9:30 every night and when he does get home he’s so tired that all he wants to do is eat & sleep. I don’t blame him at all. Most people get to spend time with family & friends, enjoy holiday traditions, watch Christmas movies as a family, make yummy fun treats together, go on a fun vacation…etc. In the UPS world there are NO breaks at all around Christmas. They run run run all day long up until Christmas Eve…yes Christmas Eve…Stacey always works until at least 6:30 p.m. So it gets old always being alone. It seems like the weekends never are long enough and usually get spent just relaxing.
Logan notices the change as well. In fact I think today was the first day I noticed a significant change in him. It doesn’t help that it is Monday (or was, it is now Tuesday I guess), he plays so hard with Stacey all weekend that Monday’s are usually hard, but today he really took notice. At dinner he didn’t want me to sit in Dad’s chair, he didn’t want to go to bed because he wanted Dad to help him say his prayers…he ended up crying for him & throwing up because that’s what he does when he cries too hard. FUN let me tell ya! So one more week & things will be back to normal…can’t wait.

On a fun & happy note...Boston turned the big 4 MONTHS old!