Today I was working on some orders I needed to get in and I could not help but be thankful for my photography “side” job. I have had so much fun this past month. I have worked with amazing people—their children are incredible to shoot. I am looking forward to tomorrow; I am going to be taking pictures of 4 kids under 5! Then I have three more sessions scheduled this week. It is a busy time of year, but I feel so blessed. Here are some of the children’s photo shoots I have done this past month…

Precious, need I say more?

I love fall pictures and these two cousins were the funnest...especially "H" she is so full of personality and really stole the camera! I went crazy taking pictures of her. "B" is the cutest little guy...I love the facial expression he pulled! Cracks me up every time I look at them.

These two precious kiddos are blood related! How lucky am I? They are my Sister's kids and "B" and Logan are 6 wks apart and "A" and Boston are 6 wks apart...I think Heavenly Father had a role in that given the fact that they didn't come easy!

And the little divas...honestly older sister "B" was the perfect little model...she should be doing commercials or something! She was absolutely incredible. After almost every shot I just looked at her mom with the “how amazing is she” look. She set up a lot of poses by herself and just rocked the shoot. Little sis “B” was a little different…she wasn’t at all interested in getting her pictures taken! I loved it though cuz I got to get a lot of candid shots, which I love. We bribed her with fruit snacks and just let her roam on the set so that she didn’t “feel” like she was actually giving in!

P.S. Could everyone please e-mail me their home addresses...I would love to send you all a Christmas card. Thanks!