With every intention on going, we didn’t make it to church today. We woke up and had breakfast and hurried to get everyone ready so that we could try and get our family picture before church. Well I am happy to say that the family picture DID happen! It’s about time! We were running late though and didn’t get started until 10:40, church starts at 11! Gotta hurry…but of course with two kids… Logan wasn’t cooperating very well and Boston kept spitting up and not looking at the camera. Its pretty hard to direct a photo shoot from the “other” side of the camera! There is no one to get their attention…plus I was so hot from running all morning getting us all ready and everything set up that I was getting irritated! We didn’t get finished until around 11:30 and so we were going to miss sacrament. Stacey and Logan got changed into their church clothes and I was changing Boston’s diaper and getting her bottle made and Logan had sat down on his little couch with “teddy” and fell sound asleep! Nice. So instead of waking him up we laid him in his bed…next week our goal is to be on time for church!