So we FINALLY have grass! After we got the hydroseeding done and waiting about 5 weeks we were thinking there was weed seed not grass seed in the spray! The first time we mowed (3 weeks ago) we mowed 50% weeds 50%grass! Now the grass has really chocked out the weeds and it's looking really good, especially in the front. It has been a long time it seems since we have had green surrounding us...instead of brown! I am so happy to have the yard done...well I guess its never really done...weeds & mowing are still keeping us busy. When Stacey mowed the lawn for the first time he used our push lawn mower and he said its the last time I'll see him doing that! :) It took him 3 hours! So we went and purchased a riding lawn mower and boy is Logan estatic about it! He's alawys saying "lawn mower"! Last night Stacey & Logan mowed the lawn in 35 minutes! He loves to be outside helping us. He's my little weed picker and Stacey's mowing buddy!