"I" Questions

by: Logan I HAVE: a truck

I WISH: i had the little transformer.

I HATE:  sometimes i hate...um... oh i don't know yet! oh wait! that my have a runny nose.

I MISS: my papa and my nana.

I HEAR: the scriptures in my ear.

I WONDER: what my wonder?

I REGRET: i don't know, like not do any naughty stuff?

I AM NOT: like not be naughty or something like this.

I DANCE: with little girls!

I SING: oh my favorite color is red!

I CRY: when i want to have my toy back

I AM NOT ALWAYS: able to go outside every day.

I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: cookie dough

I WRITE: a picture for my dad.

I CONFUSE: i not listen everyday to my sister.

I NEED: my toy back!

I SHOULD: go outside to play in the summer.

I START: learning with my ears.

I SHOULD: go in the car and buckle my seatbelt.

I FINISH: my paper all done and my dad be happy like him do.

I LOVE: boston and chantri and me and dad.


by Boston:

I HAVE: olivia

I WISH: i wish

I HATE: what?

I MISS: a book

I HEAR: i hear... what do my hear? I'm HERE!! (as in teacher i'm here! lol)

I WONDER: i just say wonder mom

I REGRET: a book

I DANCE: im a girl

I SING: (no response by this time I was flying through them because she really wasn't getting it!!)

I CRY: when i sad

I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: puppets! ya mom I make puppets!

I NEED: a key

I LOVE: i love you!

Oh I laughed so hard through these! I have to admit it was hard letting them answer off the top of their heads without correcting their response to make more sense! Great lesson for me and they really enjoyed it!