PINK | girl BABY shower

PINK | girl BABY shower

It's always fun to think pink when blue is on the brain! I had so much fun planning (my amazing friend) Amber's baby shower a couple weeks ago. Good thing we had the shower when we did because beautiful baby Reese was born on Sunday the 20th! She couldn't wait to make her big debut and came two weeks early! (lucky mom!!)



The guest list was long so I thought I'd get a venue for the event. I ended up renting a dance studio in town, which wasn't want I expected-but the deposit was already down. It worked out fine and I burned a lot of calories (and was sore the day after- remember my pregnant self is not at all in shape!) walking up and down two long flights of stairs hauling everything in and then out again! I just have to laugh, now! All-in-all it was a great evening and Amber got tons of ridiculously cute clothes and things for her baby girl.

Here is a deco board of the event...

I'm so happy with how it all turned out.

Thank you so much to everyone who came and made the night special for Amber!

And a SPECIAL Thank you to:

My Mom, @ who so generously made the mini cupcakes! Check out the link for the recipes. They were absolutely AMAZING in presentation as well as taste! (like so good that i'd do the flights of stairs fifty more times just to have one (ah-em, eleven) again!!) You know what the funniest thing is- she honestly was nervous that they wouldn't look the way I "wanted " them to look! ha ha ha! If you know my mom-- you know that she is so incredibly talented there is nothing she doesn't do above and beyond expectations, this was NO exception! Absolutely not!

Sandy, (Ambers mother-in-law) who made the delicious lemon bars w/ cream cheese frosting... that I made as my breakfast for three days after! They were so fresh and moist and seriously didn't ever dry out!

Kelly Jane, Who lent me the beautiful beverage dispenser- you saved the day!

Broulims, who had the Stewarts Key Lime drink (in bulk) go on sale 4 for 99 cents just a week before... So perfect!

Zurchars, who has every color of tissue paper and every shade of candy known to man!

And of course, My sweet husband, who doesn't understand the whole hoopla of a baby shower and  the fact that "it DOES MATTER" what decorations, food, favors, invitations etc... there is and that it really is "THAT" important and necessary, (he's a guy!) YET still helped and supported me in the biggest ways possible! Love you so much!

And Amber, Thank you for letting me do this for you and being such an amazing friend. I'm so happy for you!