Boston will be three months old tomorrow. Today I did a mini photoshoot with her. She is so much fun.
Things to take note: wearing 3-6 mo. clothes-smiles all the time-sleeps 9 to 11 hrs at night-coo's when people talk to her-drinks 6 oz every 3 hours-ears pierced at 13 1/2 weeks-has to have her formula mixed with purified water or she gets really bad belly aches-loves to be held & cuddled-sleeps on her belly-spits up a lot-she can go to happy & smiling to down right mad in 2 seconds-loves to suck on her hands-loves her pacifier, even though she has a hard time keeping it in-doesn’t like her car seat very often-loves her bath time-sweet disposition-loves her daddy lots. Loved by all.