Logan's last day of Preschool

Logan's last day of Preschool

Logan finished up his first year of preschool on the 19th of May. We are so pleased at what his has learned this year.  Mrs. Doggett has been such a blessing in our lives and Logan has just loved her to pieces- As well as her daughter and wonderful assistant, Jenni. He also has a few friends that he mentions quite a bit- Libby, Cole, Marrin, Jack. Its the cutest thing to have him tell me about his friends and what they do during class. The crazy thing is how even when they are little they form friendship circles. I ask Logan about the other kids in the class and knows them all, but his "good" friends he says are Libby, Cole, Marrin & Jack. These friends, he tells me, are the ones who need to come to his "birfday" party in July! They had a cake walk on their last day and they all were asked to bring a cake. He was pretty excited about our plans to make a pencil cake. I'm not great in the baking/decorating area, but it sure made him proud! He kept telling me, "Thank you so much mom for making my pencil birfday cake." I kept having to remind him that it was for school, not for his birthday!! ha. He's so innocent.



The most shocking thing he has learned, among his letters numbers and writing his name- and much more,  is the Pledge of Allegiance! The kid can say it word for word! He was teaching Boston the other day in the car and it craked me up because he's such a good teacher...

Logan: I pledge allegiance

Boston: I pledge allegiance

Logan: to zee (the) flag

Boston: to zee flag

Logan: of the UNNNNNITED  States of AMEEERrrrica (very loud and drawn out)

Boston: of the Uuuuuuuunited States of America

Logan: and to the Republic

Logan: Boston! say it! And to the Republic

Boston: the Republic

Logan: For which it stands

Boston: it stands

Logan: One Nation

Boston: Nation

Logan: Under God

Logan: Boston! UNDER GOD! SAY IT!

Boston: under God

Logan: innnndaaabisibal (indivisible)

Boston: innnndaaabisibal (indivisible)

Logan: With Liberty and Justice for ALL!

Boston: FOR ALL!




We put a little gift together for his teachers to thank them for everything they do.

A measuring bowl, cute apron, whisk & lifesavers (of course) and the note said:

The best ingredient in Preschool is you! I hope you have a sweet summer.



Thanks for a great year Mrs. Doggett and Jenni. And thank you for loving and teaching Logan. We always know he's in good hands at school! And that feels good.