Halloween 2007

This year I wanted to use one “theme” for Logan & Boston. I came up with a football player & cheerleader. I surfed the web for toddler football outfits/gear & found nothing that didn't look cheesy...the only ones I could find were for youth. So I was on my own to create the "look". Finding a skirt that is small enough for Boston was incredibly hard so I settled with a sweat suit. A little iron on letters, & designing a little emblem that I printed off on an iron on sheet…and walla! Not exactly what I had in mind, but it worked I guess.
Logan didn’t have a good nap cuz he was off playing with Stacey all day so he was pretty tired and grumpy by trick-or-treating time and he wouldn’t let me put the finishing touches on…black under his eyes & a hankie on his head and he wouldn’t even hold his football. When we got to the trunk-or-treat at the church he lightened up and had a good night. We had pizza with G&G Keele afterwards and then went home to bed.