Lurkers Confessional!

It’s time to confess…are you a lurker? I’ll come clean. I have an addiction to blog lurking! It starts with your closest friends and family, then their list of friend/family blogs grows horns and starts tempting me to peak. Just peak, see if you know anyone it whispers! That leads to someone’s blog, then that someone leads me to anothers…and so the story goes. So the big questions that is soaring in the blog world is…is it bad to lurk? Is it creepy? My answer is this. I am totally open to new blogging friends on my own blog, but I find myself feeling like an intruder on others. I have commented on a few, but maybe some people are a little more sensitive to the fact. But lurking (so far) for me has been a blessing. I have reconnected with a few of my good friends and it feels good! Bottom line though I think that people that don’t have “invite only” probably are open to new viewers. What do you think? And if you are a lurker on my blog leave me a comment I would love to add you to my list of friends! It’s time to confess!