i love spring when the trees start to bloom. the flowers are so beautiful. this particular tree is right out our family room window. the window that the kids tend to play at often. pulling up the blinds and looking out several times a day. it used to be the tree that would scratch the window on windy days & nights, which lately has been far too often! thank goodness for tree pruners and strong husband muscles.

here is a beautiful robin who found a good home in...

the tree! one day we pulled up the blinds and to our surprise there was a full nest, no bird, but a empty nest. i knew it couldn't be more than a few days old since we were out a few days earlier pruning and pulling hideous weeds, already! but i was so excited about the nest. a few days passed and this robin came and laid in it for several hours out of the day only occasionally flying out to roam the grass.

about a week later we noticed... four blue eggs! our kids just about went crazy and kept good tabs on the birdie and the eggs. every morning checking to see if the mommy birdie was keeping her eggs warm.  i happen to have a crazy loooove for the aqua blue color. and there she sat, for 2 weeks on her eggs.

until out of nowhere she was gone. a full day checking and waiting for her to appear.... nothing. right before bed we looked out the window again hoping to see the bird there, but what we say is the nest filled in with sticks. she purposely abandoned it! what! i was so shocked and mad at the bird! we had grown to love the bird and her eggs and it brought so much excitement to our kids. we couldn't wait for the day when there would be four little birdies in the nest.

i'm not sure what happened, maybe she was disturbed by the constant visitors at the window. we checked to see if the eggs were still in the nest and there was one- which im assuming is rotten since it was smothered with ants. as for the other three- its a mystery where they went.