Tonka Trucks & Tools!

Logan is so into his Tonka Trucks & Tools these days. They are the toys of choice for him. He is my little fix-it man. If I ever need a second to myself or to get something done without him holding onto my arm I just say, Oh, look at this (any random little thing) it’s broken and needs fixed. He’ll go and grab his plastic tools and go to work! In fact his Grandpa & Grandma Keele gave him a rocking horse (I guess that’s what its called, the ones that are on springs) for Christmas last year and 3 out of the four springs have broken cuz he rides it so hard. Last night the 3rd one broke and he was so upset. All day today he’s been “fixing” it. He even requested a flashlight and was holding it up trying to figure it all out! He kept saying “Grandpa” repeatedly because Grandpa Keele has fixed the others with him that had broken in the past! It was hilarious. He’s so much like his Dad, everything has to be perfect!