So much for "catching Up"

cuz when your hard drive crashes (like say when it's only 11 months old)

and you don't have your files backed-up...
you are bound to loose 11 months of:
-business EVERYTHING
-itunes music
-scrapbook stuff
-web favorites....
-as well as EVERYTHING else!

so if you don't have your files backed up, you might loose everything, and if you are as unlucky as i am you WON'T recover A THING. if you don't blog, you have NOTHING (and this makes it especially classified as a disaster since it happened the day before Thanksgiving at the peak of busy photography season.... you can imagine--- that's for a different day. just know, if you keep up on StudioCK Photography-- BIG changes are in store-- like it or not!)

long stressful story, short. business aside, my poor kids won't have anything from most of 2009! oh really when i think about the loss it just makes me sick. every day i remember "another" file "another" moment that's gonzo.

www.CARBONITE.COM people! wish i would have know about this site sooner. now i'm a proud new customer, and i feel some relief.

so, as 2009 will wrap up shortly, i think it's only appropriate for me to dig out of my mushy-forgetful brain the details that i do remember of the events that will only be a memory... and 'finally' document them. so forgive the posts as they come, because they will be just words!