Mr. Logan is in PreSchool.

and he is so dang stinkin' cute!

i'm still having a hard time wrapping my brain around it.  how in the world did he grow up so fast? didn't four years used to go by slowly.  like take high school for instance... those years went by s-l-o-w. i had a great time but it felt like a long time. what is it about once you are an adult days month & years seem to whiz by? like in all seriousness i never wish a day to go by because there is so much i need to do in "a" day. and most of the time it doesn't get done because the hours in one day just don't cut it, anymore.
so my baby boy is growing up on me, fast! he is a little man now and just started his first year of preschool. mrs. doggett is an amazing teacher and logan loves her to pieces!  i still can't believe how well he has adjusted. he is still very shy and mostly just smiles at everyone who talks to him, but at least he wants to go! (mrs. doggett asked me if he talks much at home because in class he just bows his head down and smiles! hopefully he'll grow out of that shyness and she'll see the real logan, but then she'll wish he didn't feel so comfortable there!) when i pick him up and ask him how school was he says," mrs. dogget is so funny!" on monday he had to take the snacks for class and i asked him if everyone liked them and he said,"ya my teacher said oh yummy! this is so good!" he cracks me up! he talks and talks about school- about Jack (must be a classmate) and the cute girl in the blue shirt. but mostly about the animals that they learn about coordinating with the letters they learn.
oh and get this, for C they seriously decorated mini cakes to bring home! how cool is that. and it was yummy too! after we ate it i thought- darn, i should have taken a picture!

and i have to say that we BOTH are enjoying preschool! am i horrible? it is seriously nice to have him gone and know he is happy and having fun & learning. it's really great--i even get some stuff done- and grocery shopping with one is much easier than shopping with two. do i even dare say that its not long enough? (i just heard some people gasp!) how about this- i wish it was one more day a week, at least! (did you just fall off of your chair?) but really, 2 hours 2 days a week just doesn't cut it. it's like giving me a candy bar to smell and then take it back. a teaser. that's what it is! i drop him off, breathe, then pick him back up! NO- but in all seriousness if it were longer i might cry. but i might not too! i just like the break- okay! and boston likes to be able to play with whatever she wants without getting pestered all the time! to me nothing is greater than seeing your child grow. it is totally amazing and makes me so proud to see logan walk out of school with is backpack on his back, wave good bye to his teacher, speed-walk towards me, grab onto my hand, look up at me and smile, hop in the car and say,"HI BOSTON!" and on the way home after sharing all that he learned say,"Mom I like school!".

Oh we love you to pieces little logan- you know that! LOVE YOU to PIECES! 
and i am SO proud of you! You are growing up to be such a great kid.
and here's one of Boston, cuz she's dang cute too and it was her birthday! and she was a little ticked that this great event in Logan's life was stealing her 2nd birthday thunder...

it's just too bad... the girl can't hold still...or that i was in a hurry to get this shot cuz she was actually smiling without her eyes squinted shut...or that blurry pictures really tick me off...or that i really hate the way blogger makes my pictures look. cuz this would have looked really cute on my mantle.