Boston is officially 2. 
terrible two's!
though it's not so terrible.
it's just her personality...
that would very much make people think 
she is smack dab in her terrible 2's!
but we love her fire-ball self!

you wouldn't know that though, you know that she had a birthday and is now 2, because i haven't blogged about it. her birthday was last month. even worse, Logan's was the month before and you wouldn't know that either cuz, well, i haven't blogged about it.  so there is a lot that i haven't blogged about. period. i was telling my sister the other day that i can't believe it's september already cuz my mind is still back in april. we came up with the conclusion that i feel that way because i am behind with blogging clear back to may! 
tonight after washing Boston's mouth out with soap (no, i really didn't-- but i have done that to logan! i just think it might be too harsh on a 2 year old.) i realized i wanted to write this down because when Boston is a mom of a 2 yr old, maybe she'll get a good laugh!
Logan at the age of 2 didn't really have that strong of a vocabulary. he really didn't try new words and such... just when we asked him to say them he would.  Boston on the other hand is the TOTAL opposite!  she says EVERYTHING. and some things aren't so nice. and i have a problem with that. and maybe i can blame myself for some of the words she says like, dumb & stupid (i say "stupid remote" a lot cuz it is STUPID, and broke and well it just TICKS me off!) So i take credit for that and i am working on it, now. i really am. (and ya i am working on my other naughty words she hasn't picked up, yet... and hopefully won't!)

BUT where in the world did "SHUT UP" come from?  We DO NOT say that in our house.  I just think it sounds so awful.  (as if dumb & stupid don't... but at least they aren't used in the context directly to someone.)  

Anyways, she has been going around saying "shut up" over and over and over again.  seriously.  i tapped her mouth the first time. felt so bad i held her for 15 minutes cuz she was crying so hard as if i just hurt her feelings in the worst way possible. 

she knows now that it is a naughty word and we don't use it in our house, but it's not stopping her. it's like she thinks its funny now.  oh man, i would HATE for her to be talking like this is public. my sweet little girl gone bad.  (okay if you really know Boston she is sweet but also a ball of fire, it really doesn't surprise me that she has this feisty attitude!)

to cut her some slack she did get two shots today. she was a little monster at the dr. appointment though. didn't want to cooperate in the least little bit and kept telling her doctor, "uh-NO!"

oh and while we are on the potty-mouth subject: if you ever hear her say "fu(n)key" (the n is very silent!)or "mo-fu(n)key" she is really saying MONKEY. we are working on this. the "mo-fu(n)key" is progress believe it or not. 
mo-fu(n)key = boston's most favorite furry/stuffed friend
for some reason she just WILL NOT drop the "fu"!  and I PROMISE we do not use any "fu" related language in our home... well except for "fu-nny" & "fu-n"!