boston enjoys my work too...

trying to balance can be difficult somedays. but i wouldn't have it any other way. here i am getting the best of both worlds.
when i sit down to edit, lately its always the same routine.
i sit down. B says "lap?" as she scans the room for her two (twin) babies, monkey, blanket & sippie.
it's quite the reach to my keyboard but i get to squeeze her and kiss her forehead and listen to her "shhh shhh" her babies in between her fierce sips of milk and gasps for air.

she especially loves it when i am editing a baby session. she says baby over and over and over again while she points to the screen. work doesn't get done as fast cuz we are too busy gawking!

thank you Photo Booth for capturing the moment!

and so what if i have makeup on from yesterday
and haven't showered today...
so what!