Our "Mini" Vacation to Jackson Hole

Last week the kids and I took a mini vacation to Jackson Hole. I’m not sure vacation is the right word it was pretty hectic, but very fun. Brandi and Jason housesit for a couple over in Teton Village for the whole month of October each year and October is also the month our husbands turn up missing! Really they are hunting but it seems like we never see them. Anyways, Jason was gone for the week on a hunting trip so we went to keep her company in the LARGE house! It is seriously massive. It was built 26 years ago so it’s older, but it probably was the most outrageous home back then when it was built. Last year when I went we spent a lot of time outside taking pictures of the boys, but this year was a little different since we have our girls. We spent a lot of time inside chasing the boys and talking…it was a lot of fun. Boston did so good. Adi and her both slept in the crib together and did so well...they slept from 9-5:30 one night! The boys, Brandi, & I shared a bed and that was interesting…the boys are such bed hogs!