My new little niece was born yesterday!  She is perfect and Shannon did SO good!  I got be there to take pictures of little Oakleigh just seconds after she was born.  What a privilege.  I already feel such a strong connection with that little girl!  It's the coolest feeling to not be baby hungry in the slightest little bit, but to want to spend every single second with this little one in my arms! I miss her so much today!  I am so excited to love and spoil her to pieces!

here are some pictures I took to document the special day... (these are especially for you Dani, we miss you so much.)
(ya i had a typo "progression"!)

these swollen feet are almost a mere memory!  much to Shannon's relief!

fabulous family there to support...
just moments before the Doc arrived!
waiting... Blake had just come out to tell us he saw the head!! and I recruited him and his sister for a silly shot ;)
literally seconds after Oakleigh was born & laying on her mama's chest... (i was peaking behind the curtain for these shots!)
a good cry is a GOOD thing!
6 lbs 12 oz... i was so close when guessing 7 lbs!
cutest little piggies!

Daddy & Oakleigh bonding!

We love you guys and are so proud of you!  Little Oakleigh is PERFECT and we love her to pieces!