logan & payson play.

i am making an attempt to catch up.
i still have yet to blog easter 09, 
which tells me i have not blogged a good portion of 2009. 
how in the world did it get to be July anyways? 

lets go back to the date: may 29, 2009

payson came over to play while his daddy & stacey went golfing this afternoon.  he is such a good little boy and logan really loved showing him some of his toys and spending time playing "the big brother role" to a boy!  he was so cute following payson around and protecting him at every measure.  every time he sees these pictures he starts talking about payson and says, "payson so fun mom!"  by the time the dads got back from their golf game payson had the 4-wheeler riding down pretty darn good, all by himself!  he didn't want to get off, it was so cute!