we will miss you two.  just SO much.  every time i think about how many hours there is between us i have to fight back the tears.  but dang, i can't get into the sadness of it all, it won't help matters.  but what i do want to say is just how proud of you two we are. taking this big move to Virginia to further your education for Bri to become a dentist is really honorable.  you have left both sides of the family & your comfort zone, but hand in hand you two can do anything, and do great things.  you two are such amazing examples to our family & we just wanted you to know that we are proud of you and are excited to hear of your journey as it unfolds.   WE LOVE YOU GUYS!! be safe. & come home to visit real soon!

[Bri & Dani packed up their house in Utah yesterday & are making the long drive to Virginia this week.  I can't wait to look back 4 years from now and say, "Wow, that went by fast"!! ]