all dogs go to Heaven {Mason}...

"He will always be in our hearts" as Stacey said tonight.

(picture taken on Saturday, May 9th)

we had to let our best dogfriend, Mason, go today (May 11, 2009). it just about breaks my heart every time i think about it. it's awfully quiet around here. (really it is, if anyone knew Mason nows he barked in a high pitched bark (strangers always asked if we took his voice box out, but no, that's just his bark!)-- whenever he heard any noise. We felt protected-- he always gave us a heads up that someone was here! He howled when he heard sirens of any kind- and could hear then before we could. ya, it's really quiet.... except for the taping of my fingers to the keyboard and the sniffles. i can't keep it together! it's about now that I would bring Mason into the garage and tell him "ni-night Mason!".
Mason has been apart of our family for almost 7 years now. He was our first kid practically, spending every moment we were home cuddling, sleeping & eating inside. Stacey and I took him on many rides in the back of the pickup. He was so funny too-- he wouldn't stay on one side for more than two seconds.... he whipped from left to right then back and repeat.... the whole ride! He hated fireworks. He loved human food. He shook hands with everyone. He slept in our bedroom, and sometimes had the most horrible gas that we had to take him outside.... but we always felt SO BAD. When Logan was born the poor thing started spending a little more and more time outside. When we moved we decided to make the transition to outside dog only. He didn't seem to mind all too much, i actually think we felt worse then he did about the whole situation.
While Logan was a baby Mason really was a little neglected but for the past year and a half Mason has been Logan's best friend. Last summer I watch the two of them out the front window--- from wrestling around to laying very close to each other on the grass while Logan petted Mason and Mason licked Logan. If Logan went to the neighbors house, Mason would be on their driveway waiting for him until he came out. Logan even taught Mason how to ride in the back of his bike trailer. Logan would feed Mason his dog food right out of his hand, and be the first to put his leftovers out on the deck for Mason to enjoy. To simply put it they were very loyal best of friends. I always knew that when Logan was playing outside that Mason was with him, protecting him.
Last Thursday we noticed Mason was acting very strange. Not his usual hyper self. He was laying in weird places throughout the yard, wouldn't come up to us, cried every time we got near him, had constant diarrhea, didn't want to sleep in the garage, slow to walk, very lazy, always thirsty. Very much not like
 Mason, he's the dog in everyones business-- like jumping in the car when I'm trying to get the kids buckled because he wants to go too...
The vet said he had the symptoms of cancer. (he wasn't the healthiest dog-- (aka we weren't the best dog owners) he truly was a family member, and enjoyed a cookie or treat almost every day and LOVED it!) We could have prolonged his life, but we opted to put him to sleep because of several factors. We kind of felt it was a sign... that we needed to let him go. Mason getting sick was a shock to us... but kind of a relief. See last summer we tried to put him to sleep. Stacey took him early one Saturday morning, but he came home (in tears) with Mason and said he couldn't do it. Mason was a good dog, but chased after everyone... and scared the heebie-jeebies out of neighbors, friends & delivery peeps. He has jumped up on people before too and it has scared us on a number of occasions of what he "might" do. We knew that if we kept him he would have to stay in the garage a lot of the time, or we needed to get a fence or tie him up.

So as I sit here my heart breaks for mostly Logan. It was so sad today when I was trying to explain to him that Mason was sick and going to Doggy Heaven....
on Thursday Logan spent practically the whole day playing & laying with him outside, never-minding his horrible smell (thats the first day we noticed him being sick and he had bad diarrhea). It was before he got really weak, and I actually caught Logan trying to get on Mason's back to ride him and Mason was so good to let him.
on Friday Logan tried to get Mason to play with him. He'd say "common Mason! we play! Common!" but Mason would just lay there looking at him. Then Logan would go up to him, pet him and say "Are you sick? Ya. You sick." then come tell me "Mom Mason not feel good."
on Saturday, Mason really kept to himself and didn't want to even be near anyone. He'd lay under the deck and at the very edges of our property. Logan was concerned and constantly saying "Mason not feel good, he's sick." he got a little fed up I think because he said to me, "Mom, Mason sick. we take Mason to DI and get a new dog." in all seriousness!
on Sunday he wouldn't even get up when we went to check on him. He laid down most of the day. He wouldn't come in the garage to sleep for the night.

Stacey's parents made an appointment for 3:30 (we just couldn't do it-- i appreciate them so much!). Until that time today I felt like I had a huge lump in my throat and was waiting for Stacey to call me and tell me, never-mind!... but we both new it was best for Mason. When 3:00 rolled around I loaded the kids up in the car and left... I couldn't be home. When I pulled out of the house Mason was laying on the front porch. It was so surreal knowing that moment would be the last time I saw him. I cried on the way into town. I tried explaining again to Logan that Mason was going to doggy heaven. He was okay with it. Until Stacey called me and we were talking and I was fighting back tears and Logan heard me talking to him and I was telling him where Mason was when I left and how I couldn't believe we really have to do this and that we won't have him anymore.... la da da. I got off the phone and heard little sniffles and sighs coming from the back seat. Looked back and Logan had his head buried in his car seat, and he was crying, hard. I asked him what was wrong and he said, "I want my Mason, I just want my Mason." We were in the parking lot by then and I totally lost it with him. We decided to go get a photo book and dog stickers and get some pictures of Mason & him developed to put in his special book. He said, "I hide my book in my bedroom for Mason."
tonight he asked once where Mason was..... I am scared for tomorrow. Reality is hard.

about a month ago I walked outside to check on Logan and I couldn't find him anywhere. I called for Mason and he came running. I knew then that Logan wasn't too far away. I asked him where Logan was and he lead me right to him. I hurried in and grabbed my camera....

time to get out...

yes, that's right- they were "hanging out" in Mason's dog house (that has been used for hose storage for years now!) 

Mason was the best 4-legged friend anyone (especially a 3 yr old) could ever ask for.

we miss you terribly Mason. rest in peace.