trash the [pacie]

GET THIS:  last night Boston slept the entire night without her "pacie". hooooolllllaaaaaa!  seriously it was amazingly easy- because i wasn't the one to put her to bed without it.  teeheehee! i went out with my friend to have some fun shopping time and Stacey called me around 8 o'clock asking if i knew where a pacie was.  i said "nope, you'll have to start searching for one! ...under the couch, in the toy boxes...." (so over the pacie search!) 

when i got home i asked if they found a pacie since Boston was sound asleep.  Stacey said, "nope! and she went to sleep just fine without it!"  
she hasn't been the best sleeper lately.... like waking up a few times (sometimes more) a night.  last night she slept until 2:30. started crying. i went into her room, cuddled & kissed her for a minute, tucked her back in.  she slept until 8 this morning.  so i'm thinking, maybe loosing the pacie and having to search for it has been what has been waking her up multiple times each night?  
i might just be a little irritated with the fact that it was such a synch.  because i know if i were the one putting her to bed without it, it would be a nightmare.  i just know that, because i'm her mom, and i spoil her, and she knows i'm a push-over.... but i'm her mom and i can't stand to see her upset or cry over something that is so.... well okay i'm just a pushover.  it was time (9 months ago) to take the pacie away.  it was more for my sanity than hers... i'm almost sure of that!
so thank you babe for doing the dirty work. even though it wasn't so dirty.  i'm glad it's done!

ps she is napping now and didn't even ask for her pacie! :) 

now moving on to potty training.  the girl is obsessed with the toilet and underwear.  we haven't had success with her actually going "potty" in the toilet, though every time big brother has to go she takes her pants and her diaper off to sit on her toilet too.   but today, this morning, she WENT POTTY! i was so proud!  she was a little scared when i started clapping and screaming, "what a good girl you are! you went potty boston!! yeah!"  she looked at me like she did something wrong.  i may just have to simmer the excitement down a little the next time around! ;)
i can't believe she is growing up so fast.  it's nearly impossible to breathe when i think that she will be two in just 3 short months.