Oh my sweet Logan...

It's 12:30 in the morning.  I'm working at my computer.  The house is quiet.  Until I hear a door nob rattle (totally would be Boston) but then it twists.  Logan?   Usually if he wakes up it's because of a bad dream and he's really upset and sitting on his bed crying.  He wasn't sad.  Walked to me with his eyes half closed and said, "MOM! turn Richie Rich on, mmmmeeeeaaaassseeee?"  I start to laugh and said, "what?" fully hearing what he said but it totally took me by surprise!  laughing still... Logan says "MMMMMEEEAAASSSSEEEE MOM Richie Rich!"  I then told him it was midnight. 

"MOM!!!" he said.  
"Okay!," I said  (thinking geez whatever just don't wake up Boston!)
Logan makes his way to the couch and lays down.  I walk myself to the TV to start Richie Rich.
  Walk to the couch to put his blanket on him.  He is sound asleep!
(I thought it was SO funny I wanted to wake Stacey up to tell him but decided this would be a little nicer since he probably wouldn't see the "funny" in it after waking up from a dead sleep!)
our Loagster is always full of surprises!!