[March] where did ya go?...

i've been horrible at journaling.  march just flew by. in fact january february & march have and i already feel april is nearly gone.  does life move this fast for everyone?  i really don't think there is a day that goes by that i don't wish there are more hours in a day.  more days in a week. more weeks in a month.  (i think i can leave it at that because i do feel years have a good timeline... although they do seem to fly by as well these days.)  speaking of years flying by Stacey & I celebrated our 7 year wedding anniversary in march.  talk about a little surreal!  what a ride it's been!  a great ride (though i will admit a little bumpy at times as marriage goes). we have loved a lot, argued a lot, laughed a lot, snuggled a lot, played a lot, compromised a lot, loved our two beautiful children A LOT... just a lot of a lots!  seven years... that's a lot!  but 10, 16, 21, 22, 40, 60... is a lot to look forward to.  we enjoyed a night out, which is alway a treat.  [i love you babe.]  

so before i forget all our march 2009 happenings:  [here's a REWIND]...
7 boston (aka baby, bossie) is now sleeping in a twin bed. i can't believe my baby is growing up so fast.  she adjusted well and loves her new bed. i on the other hand was sad to take the crib down. and am sad still because i am searching to find bedding i am totally in love with. i just can't decide on a "style" for her room.  
7 logan (aka loagster, bud) is now sleeping in a queen bed. he loves it and i love it just as much because the nights he has bad dreams and needs a sleeping buddy...i gladly accept!  
7 we made a fun trip to utah just for the fun of it with the kids. 
7 shannon & blake are having a sweet baby girl!  we are so excited to meet her in July!
7 at 20 months boston still only has 6 teeth.  is starting to repeat things we say. still has "pacie".  is obsessed with shoes and coats. is still a little fire ball which goes along with- has a distinct personality (attitude). loves to be outside.  loves pistachios (random i know, but true!). is still madly in love and attached to "monkey". loves anything soft and will lay her face against it and say "awe". loves being held and cuddled.  
7 logan is such a little man. he is growing and developing so fast these days. we are going through a little discipline study right now... seeing what works and what doesn't! he's a good little guy-- but he's 3 and some days i swear thats worse than 2! he loves to tell me "i lovde you mom".  is obsessed with watching movies... well rather starting. stopping. changing. every ten minutes. selecting different videos. from dvd to vhs. starting. stopping. changing... so watching isn't the right word. but he does amaze me how he can operate it all so well. he even knows that you have to change the cords and which one is for the dvd player and which one for the vhs player.  i figure it's a learning technique. matching colors...red yellow & white that is! he is forming better more complete sentences. is developing more patience to learn & be taught.  is so excited for preschool to start in august. loves primary and is so well behaved. is a great helper around the house.  except when it comes to picking up his own toys he tells me he can't because his knees hurt (a total excuse!) any of my chores he'll happily do (without being asked to). dishes, laundry, vacuum, wash windows & walls, dust.  a big help he is, let me tell ya! 
7 work for me is getting mighty busy. i didn't expect it to pick up so fast after the holiday slow time. i am happy though to be back in the swing of things and am looking forward to some amazing experiences this year.  i get so excited to look at my schedule... and it's only april!  i started april off with a bang and attended a photography seminar, which is never less than amazing and motivating. check freshly squeezed lemonade soon for the fun details of the trip.

so that's a quick summary. i have pictures of the munchkins, snow hale & rain storms, fun outings and what not... but they have yet to be downloaded. i'll be back with the goods later!

8Happy April!