[impromptu photo shoot]

i haven't put a headband in Boston's hair for a while because she pulls them out.  yesterday while getting her ready for church i couldn't find a bow that matched her dress.  but this headband would go perfectly.  when i made the decision to give it a shot- i thought to myself "have i gone crazy?"  on a day when errands are being ran or lounging around the house, fine. but for church?  i'm off my rocker!  but she looked so darn cute in all her curls with the headband on that i just had to do a little impromptu photo shoot...even though i wasn't ready and only had 20 minutes before church started.  of course Logan was a good little boy and played along with my obsession...

probably the best picture of the two of them together that i have ever gotten.  i'm so excited, thinking maybe a canvas or maybe just a huge print? (even though the closet door nob is growing out of Logan's head!)
this is Logan's shy pose!  It makes me giggle because he starts ever single shoot like this!  A little camera shy at first I suppose. 

have i mentioned this little guy is a SUNBEAM?  he is!  he hasn't had one problem going to primary.  he absolutely loves it.  the first time he went (second week in January) when we got in the car after church we asked him how he likes primary and he said "there no trucks, but it fun!"  we laughed.  he loves the "Jesus Wants me for a Sunbeam" song.

and my baby is going to nursery next week.  wow.  thats just crazy and kind of sad... but not too sad cuz I'd like to attend relief society!  hoping that she adapts well.  she's kind of a little attached to Stacey & i these days.  i'm keeping my fingers crossed that she'll do well.  if she's anything like Logan though, you'll be able to find me in the nursery.

and the good little girl that she is... kept her headband in the whole day!  a first.

thats it for now.  gotta scoot cuz my bathrooms need scrubbed.  ugh.