[kid play]

the kids were playing so nicely in Boston's room yesterday. I slowly walked in with my camera, opened the shades and started shooting...

this little guy of course notices my presence and immediately says," picture me!" and sets up his very own pose...
all studly and innocent.  "thanks!" he says,  "now baby!"  so I then say, "oh common Logan that was so good, just a few more?"  Logan always replies with, "let me see me. (looks at the screen) it good mom! ....baby turn now!"


okay we'll take some of baby... (isnt' it weird we still call her baby?  it's totally stuck for some reason... like a nick name or something.  strange.)

Logan starts shouting, "Bos(s)on Bos(s)on *giggle giggle* picture, ya? see mom! picture Boston! Look! *giggle giggle*."  turns to me and says "see baby!" (glances at the screen) "oh Pretty baby!" looks back at Boston and says "good job baby!"
here's what she was up to...

not willing to stop and look at me...
then she started playing with her dollie... which for some reason is never dressed.

(did you see that mom?  i turned my baby on all by myself!  yeah!)

(you saw it too, right Logan?)

ahh, they make me so happy!

then the doorbell rang... back to the grind.