we love you grandpa...

Last month we found out some scary health issues my Grandpa is facing.  I told Logan that we needed to do something special for him to brighten his day.  Logan wanted to draw him a picture.  I set out the paper & crayons on the bar and told him to draw a good one for Grandpa Jon.  I came back to him a few seconds later and it was plastered with X's and O's... his current favorite letters!  I was thinking, okay... not exactly what I had in mind.  Then it dawned on me...X's & O's = HUGS & KISSES.  Perfect!  Then he insisted drawing him & grandpa as well.  I said, "yes, that's a great idea, go ahead and draw you & grandpa!" he said "you help-a me!" 

Logan sent it off in the mail box.
i think it made Grandpa's day as equally as it made Logan's.  Every time we get out the paper+crayons he says, "draw picture...post office send to Grandpa, GREAT Grandpa Jon!" (yes, a big run-on sentence...well kind of a sentence!) 
and you are in our prayers daily & our thoughts every second.