Boston's Baby Blessing

Today we had Boston's baby blessing. Her little dress was so cute! You’ll never believe where I bought it! At the Mountain View Hospital Gift Shop!!! …kind of embarrassing to admit! When Boston was born we were discharged from the hospital when she was only 17 hrs. old, cuz we were all healthy and they needed the room in the hospital. They told us to come back when she was 48 hrs. old to get her hearing test done since newborns have so much fluid and gunk in their ear canal and the little hairs don’t respond easily. So when we went back we were walking by the gift shop and from the window it actually looked like there were some cute things…so we went to browse…just browse. We ended up leaving with a blessing dress and some darling Carter onsies. But it makes me feel better that my Mom saw the same dress at Elegance in White when she was looking at Temple Dresses for Shannon.
Anyways back to the blessing…Our family & Bishop Dexter & his Wife came to our home at 11:00 this morning. My Dad gave a nice opening prayer and then Stacey gave Boston her blessing. He did such an amazing job. The spirit was so strong in our home. I remember being pleasantly surprised when he gave Logan his blessing at the depth of the blessing. He really puts a lot of thought and prayer into the things he should include. Though Logan’s and Boston’s were quite different, they both were so beautiful. I am so thankful to have a husband who holds the priesthood and is able to perform his duties. After the blessing the adults visited with one another while Bridger & Logan worked really hard pulling every toy in the house out! The pizza arrived at 11:30 and we all had lunch. Desert was mini éclairs from the collage with pink little roses on them! (yummy!) So today, other than the SNOW (yes I said snow!), was perfect.