our "Dennis the Menace"

it's a good thing he's cute...
because he's been a little hellion these last few days.  I'm hoping it's a case of Cabin Fever...or else I just might be going to counseling for parents of toddlers.... and maybe for insanity as well.  Just today he's sanitized his door with a whole bottle of sanitizer, colored on his wall and sled with green crayon, finger painted with my face wash on a piece of paper and also on his pants.  (all while I was cleaning the bathroom).

Yesterday was no better.  While I was showering he managed to undo the saftey lock on the cabinet under the sink and he emptied out a bottle of 409, windex, & kitchen antibacterial stuff that really stinks...all over the wood kitchen floor.  He's never done that, or even gotten into that cupboard.  He knows better.
Yesterday he threw a fit because his pants didn't have enough pockets (weren't the painters
 style pants)...we had to wait for a load of darks to run through the washer and dryer before he was happy...he does have a tool box, but prefers to load his pants up with his tools causing him to barely be movable.  

i'm really hoping its cabin fever.  glad it's Friday!