Christmas 2008

Yes, we did have Christmas at our house a month ago!  Today I decided to download my disk from all the events.  I've been dragging my feet doing it because I'm not at all pleased with them...I was lazy- didn't shoot in manual mode, and even worse- used my flash *hanging head shoulders slumped* oh the shame....shame shame shame on me.  But heck, I can hardly get a decent picture of my kids inside my house on a good day....they just do not cooperate at all (well they probably would but there are only a few places that "work" natural lighting and all)... so I thought I would leave photographer behind and just be mom...that way I wouldn't have to get all feisty.  (what? ME feisty? Never! HA!

Aaaannnyyways- our Christmas holiday was wonderful.  Besides the LONG hours that Stacey has to work clear up until Christmas Eve, we couldn't have asked for a better month.  I had fun doing most of the Christmas shopping, and not so much fun shoveling snow--as you all know already.  This year was especially fun because Logan was old enough to understand Santa.  He was SO cute on Christmas morning!  He just couldn't believe that "Santa" really came!  As for Boston, I have never seen a 1 yr old rip open her gifts so fast and with so much excitement.  She seriously opened every one of her gifts!...and then started opening ours.  She would get so excited too that she did this little dance-- lifting one leg, then the other in a sequence really really fast all while saying "AH AH AH AH AH AH!" until "OOOOOOOHHHHH!" when the gift was unveiled.  It had us rolling!
Christmas eve we had Stacey's parents over for a late "breakfast" dinner. It was really yummy.  Then we read the story of Jesus' Birth out of a stories from the bible for children book.   Logan was so interested in it and loved looking at the pictures and pointing out baby Jesus the start & all the animals.  We then let them open their one Christmas Eve gift (always PJ's as a family tradition!)  They loved them.  They also got to open their gifts from g&g Keele.  Boston got a super cute little kitchen & Logan got a farm set.  They love them.  Logan has taken quite a liking to the kitchen too! :)   
Christmas Day we opened the gifts Santa so generously left for us.  Afterwards we all got ready to head to g&g Warnke's for our Christmas party.  
We loaded up all the gifts, buckled the kids in and started busting through 16 inches of fresh snow from the night.  Plows weren't out so you can imagine the condition of the roads.  There were people stuck all throughout our subdivision.  It took a lot of working and flooring the Escalade even in 4-wheel drive.  We made it out of the subdivision only to catch our breath & in talking decided to go back home and switch automobiles--so we switched the car seats & loaded up the pickup.  We got back on the road & the monster wheels managed the deep snow better. phew!  I can't believe how much snow we got during December.  Its a blessing, but I eagerly await spring! We made it safely to mom & dad's.  Upon walking into the home a fabulous aroma of prime rib greeted our noses.  Yummy for my tummy!  We LOVE this tradition my parents started a few years back.  We ate, talked, laughed, opened gifts, laughed some more, boys played pool, kids played with their new toys, Blake sewed (ha ha just kidding Blake!), no- Mom taught Shannon how to sew and Blake was just curious, we ate some more, laughed some more. Exchanged loves & said good bye.  ALWAYS a good time at home with everyone.
We all got spoiled but I want to document what the kids got from g&g Warnke & the exchange:
Boston: you got a cute little talking dollie & a neat portable DVD player with a Barney movie. Plus a stocking filled with all sorts of fun goodies.
Logan: you also got a portable DVD player and the Wall-E movie (which you LOVE!) You got an "original" CASE tractor.  Oh the joy this brought to you!  It's the "real deal"!  Your grandpa Warnke sat & played with you and Bridge for hours with them.  Plus you also got a stocking filled with goodies and a VSmart reader.
Blake & Shannon had Logan: they got you a scooter!  You zoom through the house on it all day long!
Brandi & Jason had Boston: they got you four of the cutest outfits!
Thank you everyone for everything.  We love you!