kids say funny things.

scene: eating waffles for breakfast.  Logan's on his second one and says...

(Logan) "I full mommy."
(Mommy) "eat four more bites" (while holding up 4 fingers)
(Logan) "six more bites" (while holding up 2 fingers)
(Mommy) "okay SIX is good!"  (while holding up 6 fingers)
(Logan) "NO! TWO bites" (while holding up 2 fingers)
after two bites were eaten (two pieces of waffle per bite)...
(Logan) "My body is full of JUNK!"
(Mommy) laughing hard "Your body is full of junk?"
(Logan) "Ya, like mommy's, full of junk."
10 minutes later: bathroom break
(Logan) yelling "MOM DONE!"
(Mommy) "You're all done?" 
(Logan) "Yup, no more junk, see!"
I'm still laughing...