12.22.08: a blizzard hit town...

the week of Christmas we got some major snow storms.  it got to be a little ridiculous as a matter of fact!  i am one who really enjoys shoveling, i know- call me crazy!  and since i really don't particularly like snow in general it's even more insane that i like to shovel it.  i don't know the reasoning, i've tried to figure it out-- the only thing i think gets me motivated to do it is that i burn calories!  Anywho- I now get sick to even think about shoveling!  on a daily basis for a good 5 days in a row (without break) i would go out 3 times and shovel at least 4-6 inches of snow.  typically Stacey would do all the hard snow removal with our 4-wheeler but since December is his insanely busy time... i pick up the job and i don't dare use the 4-wheeler... UNTIL i am desperate.  

this particular day we got pounded.  i'm talking serious snow! heavy and wet and just plain yucky!  Logan & i (Boston was still sleeping) bundled ourselves up to go and take on the winter wonderland. we opened the garage door and i looked out....and muttered under my breath "are you SERIOUS?"  there was a good 10 inches of snow.  we worked at shoveling for a good hour and a half and barely made a dent... so we started playing instead!  

Christmas Eve's Eve Stacey had to be to work ULTRA early and i heard him getting up at 5:30.  I heard a neighbor snow blowing so i got up to see what mother nature left us this time.  this time it wasn't in mother natures hand.  no no.  it was man made.  now, i really appreciate snow plowers, i really really do, but this particular morning i wanted to scream.  the dang plow had left (and i'm not even exaggerating here) a 5 foot snow HILL at the foot of our driveway.  one of the downsides at living in a cul-de-sac and worse on the right side-is you get ALL of the snow (i just had a thought: if we are still in a drought at the end of this winter i am moving cuz i wouldn't want to see what a year that would get us out would be like!)  so Stacey was showering when i told him our problem.  he drives a pickup...but even a pickup wouldn't get over this.  he really didn't believe me when i told him he wouldn't get out.  i knew better so i bundled myself up and went out to try to devour a portion of the hill...enough for him to break through.  i seriously though i was going to have a heart attach.  it was so cold and the wind was blowing and i was working like mad to get this task done in just the 20 minutes that he had.  i did it and came inside with a metal taste in my mouth.  i told Stacey that i was going to die.  and if i don't- if he wants any more done he had better show me how to use the 4-wheeler cuz i am DESPERATE now--- i'm over burning calories! after a brief operation snow plow with 4-wheeler 101, he left and i started shoveling behind my car so i didn't have to pack down the snow since i had to back it up to get the 4-wheeler out.  i was shoveling away and my neighbor across the street opened his garage ready to snow blow his driveway out.  i though- lucky dog- wish we had a snow blower!  but to my surprise, lucky me!  he came right over and started working on our "hill".  one time when i was shoveling he came and asked me if i wanted help and i said no thank you- i actually enjoy doing it.  i made sure to let him know that this i do not enjoy...thanks TONS for coming!  not even 20 minutes later another neighbor from down the road came in his skid steer and started moving it.  i really really appreciate good neighbors and good people.  
just wish i would have gotten pictures. it was insane! and my body- it was dang sore!