Artist Unknown...

This piece of work showed up on a canvas called the wall between the kid's bedrooms. When walking past it to see what the kids were up to in Logan's bedroom I glanced over and GASPED! "Logan Come Here!"...."Oh my goodness.... Logan why did you draw on the know not to do that, it's only draw on paper!" (not the best structured lecture I've given I know!)

Logan: "I not do it, baby did!.....Oh baby! Nice! (giggle giggle giggle)....color on the wall! ORANGE!! yeah baby ORANGE!"
Me: "No it's naughty, you don't color on the walls, only paper"
Logan: "ya naughty, baby"

I took Boston and measured her up to the wall. She would have had to have her arm almost entirely extended to be the artist of this masterpiece. Possible, yes.

artist still unknown!